Metro Diaries by Namrata

efb80-indexMetro Diaries by Namrata is a book of twenty short romantic stories that I received as a review copy from Bookr3vi3ws. Thank you Debdatta for the book. What I love to do with short stories is to read them one at a time, savour them and then write an individual review. That makes the exercise easy and all the stories get their due. I thought I would do the same with this book too but the daily humdrum did not allow me to do it. So here I am writing a line or two about the stories I liked and what I liked in them. Here goes….

  1. Once in a lifetime:This is the story of Nitya, an editorial assistant in a leading publishing house, who falls in love with Ansh, who works in the marketing department. Deeply in love with her, he manages to break the walls she has erected around herself. This is my favourite story.
  2. Then, Now and Forever: In this story a grandmother opens her grandson’s eyes by telling him her own love story and the letter which kept her going.
  3. Love thy dreams: is the story of a boy, Abhi who comes back home to talk to his parents about the girl who has been with him through thick and thin since schooldays.
  4. A promise of a lifetime: This is the story of Ranjit and Tamanna, who meet each other after four years at a common friend’s wedding and post-wedding, he proposes to her.
  5. A thing called love:This the story of Chaitanya who is so ambitious in life that he does not even realize that someone loves him and is always there for him.
  6. The Sole Soul mate:Saahil, 28, does not believe in love, has a string of break-ups behind him and after each one of then, he confides in Nishaani, his bestest friend, his neighbor, who is the only person he knows who believes in love. Until he asks her one day, after yet another break-up, to tell him about soul mates, and he wants to meet his.
  7. The Yellowed Diary:This is the story of a girl who has loved and lost and makes entries in her diary. Three years after her break-up, she takes out her diary to read the entries only to wrap it up and put it back again.
  8. You, me and love:A story of a couple who seems to be on their honeymoon is actually celebrating their fifth anniversary.
  9. Unlocked:This story is about Salil who realizes that he wants Maya to be a part of his life when she is leaving him.
  10. Memories:A story which made me cry.
  11. A message of love:A story in which the realization dawns while reading a letter.
  12. Her:A story where the hero starts missing the heroine as soon as she leaves home.
  13. Love Revisited:A beautiful story of a girl whose parents treat her like a princess, and after she is married, she becomes a victim at her husband’s hands. And then her best friend stands with her through thick and thin.
  14. Last Letter:This story is about Sarayudevi whose husband goes to war and the only contact between them is through letters till one day they stop coming and she waits for him to come back.
  15. You & I:A story depicting the relationship between Zahir Khan and Radhika.

My take:

Each story is about love, some have a happy ending and for some the ending is not so happy. But all of them are nice. There is a page with poetry before the start of each story. There is a lot of poetry in the story as well as quotes. The storyline of each story is different from the other.

 Book Source: BookR3vi3ws

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