The Guitar Girl by Aniesha Brahma

The Guitar Girl_Cover_KindleI received the book The Guitar Girl by Aniesha Brahma as a review copy from BookR3vi3ws and would like to than Debdatta for the same. This is Aniesha’s second book and has been written in a very different way. The story moves forward by way of Facebook chats and text chats also other than entries in the protagonist’s journal. The book is the story of a sixteen going on seventeen girl, Rhea Shah.

The story:

Rhea Shah, 16, studies in the tenth standard. Arjav and Sophie Ghosh are her best friends and the three of them keep getting punished for passing notes in the class. Out of school also, they keep in touch via facebook or text chats. So, one day she is really upset that her elder brother, Robbie, is coming home from college with his band, and mentions it to Sophie during her chats. Along with Robbie comes Joy Fernandez, his best friend, who now is very handsome, unlike the dork he was in school, and she feels that she has died and gone to heaven. She discusses this with Sophie and Arjav. Sophie tells her to communicate in a way that he understands. Rhea starts learning to play the guitar and starts her blog, Guitar Girl. And Joy starts following her blog. Unknown to Joy, she makes way into their band by way of being the lyricist and does not reveal her identity. Arjav and Sophie tell Rhea to confess her feelings or they will tell Joy who Guitar Girl is.

What happens next???

My take:

I loved the story and the style of writing. The author has described the tech savvy new generation well. The characters are real and likable. I loved Rhea and Sophie’s relationship. The story moves by the way of journal entries, Facebook chats and text chats. The text chats have been given different fonts for different persons, making it easy for the rader to understand who said what.

Liked the book a lot. Its short and sweet, perfect read for a lazy afternoon.

Book Source: BookR3vi3ws

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