A trip with the Tycoon by Nicola Marsh

scan0003I had gone to the Daryaganj Sunday Book Market to buy books for my children when this book with the Taj Mahal on it caught my eye. I picked it up and found the book to be A Trip with the tycoon by none other than Nicola Marsh. It is the story of an Indo-Australian girl, Tamara, who makes a much awaited trip to India to connect with her Indian roots.

The Blurb:

Determined to forget her husband’s infidelity and bring her confident, fiery self back, Tamara Rayne is in India on a trip of a lifetime. Love isn’t on her itinerary, so she hardly notices when blast from her past Ethan Brooks boards her train….The maverick entrepreneur has wanted Tamara ever since he met her. Under the shimmer of the Indian sun, Ethan decides he’s waited long enough….

The story:

Tamara Rayne is a food critic in Melbourne when she meets much celebrated chef, Richard, falls in love with him and marries him. Post marriage, she acts the perfect hostess to Richard, who also is a co-owner of Ambrosia, a fine dining restaurant in Melbourne and she later realizes he has a mistress tucked away. Richard does not survive a massive heart attack and she is left managing Ambrosia with Richard’s partner, Ethan Brooks. According to Tamara, Ethan Brooks is a rich playboy who owns many restaurants world over.

Ethan has been attracted to Tamara ever since he saw her but maintained his distance because she was his partner’s wife. He sees her as a strong independent woman when he helps her sort out things after Richard’s death. He even allows her the use of Ambrosia to restart her work as a food critic.

A year later, she decides on taking a trip to India, a trip she had planned with her mother, Khushi, three years ago, a trip which never happened. And who does she meet when she is about to board the train to Rajasthan at Delhi, Ethan Brooks. And Ethan is all set to woo her.

My take:

Being an Indian, it was the Taj Mahal on the cover which made me pick up the book without even reading the blurb. The characters are well developed and likable. The story is nice and she has described the Indian locales very beautifully.

I loved the book.

Highly recommended.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India


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