Signtist by Arpita Khadria

When I received an email from Vivek of Flipkart asking whether I wanted to review Signtist by Arpita Khadria, I found the book interesting and applied for review. The book is different from other puzzle or riddle books that we come across becascan0002use of the concept of the cellphone keypad like boxes in whscan0002 (2)ich the alphabets are placed and the desired alphabet has to be taken.

If the page is turned over, only then we can read the clue, something that the author could have put on the left hand page opposite page.

I really recommend the book because, it is a nice book for carrying on journeys due to its compact size and also because it can keep an entire car busy with its words.

Highly recommended.

Book Source: Flipkart

Publisher: Barefoot Merchandise  scan0006


One thought on “Signtist by Arpita Khadria

  1. HI, this is Arpita. Thank you so much for the review. I am glad you liked the book. And to answer your point about the clue placement… we intentionally placed it behind each puzzle so that the player can try to solve the pattern without help first. If it was on the left, one would be forced to see the clue 🙂

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