Unexpected Valentines: Stories to make you believe in love by Summerita Rhayne

cover UV. low resolutionI received Unexpected Valentines: Stories to make you believe in love by Summerita Rhayne as a review copy. It is a collection of eight short and sweet love stories all of which leave you with a smile on your face. Thank you Summerita for the book.

Unexpected Valentine is the first story in the book. It is the story of a girl, Sanjana, who is disturbed while working on her grandmother’s biography and rushes to her neighbour’s house to tell them to lower the music and in the process, she meets a tall stranger. Not well acquainted with the neighbours since they’d shifted here two months ago, but she was pretty sure she had not seen this person before. And he, Ranveer, decides to teach her a lesson.

The second story of the book is The Magic Within, the story of Kiara, who thinks her husband loves her out of pity and that their marriage has fallen apart. Until, the night at an anniversary party.

The third story is Love At Loggerheads, a story of two lawyers, Saumya Goyal and Danish Batra, who argue to near fighting in the court many times, meet out of court on a trek and discover the hidden side of each other.

The fourth story is Right Or Wrong, is the story of young Raina, who is confused whether her husband, Arnav, loves her or she would be better off without him until, she decides to leave and go back to her parents.

Chained To Shadows, is the fifth story in the book. It is the story of Victor, who loses his wife, Sonya, in a car accident and has to tend to her sister, Amber, who was injured. The sisters were on the way to pray for Amber’s marriage up there in the hills. He blames Amber for Sonya’s death, does not talk to her but religiously takes her for her treatment. Work is the only thing keeping him sane. For him, she was a living reminder of the accident. One day he sees her crying and feels guilty and tries to make up for it and finds himself looking for ways to make her smile, buss her a dress and takes her out to dinner, when the cast comes off. One day, her uncle pays them a visit and things change.

Coffee and Clashes is the sixth story set in a café in Delhi. It is the story of Isha Oberoi, who is trying to save her grandmother’s small boutique catering to hand embroidery orders from Malhotra Builders, and Ritvik Malhotra.

The seventh and the last story in the book is Hooded Desire, the story of Aurelia, the Commander of the Intergalactic Surveyor Force Unit, is out to avenge their late  commander Reyansh, whom they lost to the Redons’ malignant laser attacks, with the help of their hooded friend, Encapuchado.

My take:

All the stories are very nice and in different settings. I loved all of them, my favourite being, Love at Loggerheads. A perfect read for the Valentines weekend.

Book Source: The author

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