Wings of Freedom by Ratan Kaul

wings-of-freedom-a-historical-romance-novel-set-in-british-india-by-ratan-kaul-1-638When I received an email from Jasleen of The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd. asking me if I would like to review Wings of Freedom by Ratan Kaul, a historical romance novel, I was a little skeptical. But then I said why not give a historical romance a try?

The story starts in 1916 when Raju receives a message in Mumbai from Eileen that something requires his urgent attention and then the story moves into flashback five years ago, 1911 to Delhi, when he was a young boy studying in college and his father wanted him to join the family business. He is anti-British and is influenced by revolutionaries. He is impressed to meet the British Doctor who takes care of him when he is injured and through her meets Eileen, the daughter of a British Officer. Eileen, born and brought up in India, considers herself more Indian than British, loves to wear Indian clothes and Indian jewellery. In all this, he loses his friends, learns the ropes of business and starts his own setup and his relationship with Eileen.

My take:

The story is nice, set in the pre-Independence era in Delhi when the revolution in India was just picking up and there was turmoil in Europe, just after the industrial revolution. The author has described various locations of Delhi during that time, even showing Mehrauli as a different township. The characters are likeable and realistic. I could imagine a boy in college revolting for his country. The story moves from one scene to another very smoothly as if I was seeing it on a screen. A very well written book and the last line keeps the reader guessing whether there would be sequel to it.

Book Source: The Yellow Coin Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing


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