32 Seconds by Johanna K. Pitcairn



I received 32 Seconds by Johanna K. Pitcairn as a part of the b00k r3vi3w Tours and would like to thank Debdatta for the book. Assigning the book to a particular genre is quite a difficult task.

32 seconds is the story of a girl, Julie Jones, a teenager in high school, who has relocated to Los Angeles two years ago after her father won a movie lottery and had dreams of having a better lifestyle. She meets a rich brat, Mark, who dumps her and she hits him and his girlfriend and escapes. She realizes that the credit cards are blocked when she goes to buy fuel and thinks of stealing. She spots a dollar store, and seeing it devoid of cameras, she steals. As she exits the dollar store, she meets an old lady who tells her that she knows everything about her and offers her a chocolate. Though Julie is skeptical about eating the chocolate, she knows that she has nothing to lose and eats it up only to reach the “Underworld”. She is surprised when she finds that the people she meets there all know about her and she goes back in time.

My take:

The author has created Julie, a character whose several shades are there among many of us and then made her meet her conscience. The story has a very different concept and has been written from Julie’s point of view. The language is simple and once Julie enters the underworld, the story moves fast as new characters keep creeping in. I loved the way she has named Julie’s car, Bubbles.

Book Source:B00k r3vi3ws




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