Angelic Beats by Sarita Singh

21vCGI6cCBLI received Angelic Beats by Sarita Singh as a review copy from the Book Club and would like to thank Rubina for the same. Angelic Beats is the story of a nineteen year old boy, Sahil, falling in love with a lady who is five years older than him and married one at that.  Sahil meets Aakansha at a friend’s house and falls in love with her. Slowly, she starts to reciprocate his feelings and their love grows. But, she is married.

My take:

I loved the way the author has written the story in first person describing Sahil’s feelings. That she has put in a lot of research in the book, shows in the way she has described Sahil’s time at the academy. Though, the story revolves around an extra marital affair, the author has shown a different aspect.

Warning: Please, I repeat, please, do not read the prologue of the book, it will spoil the climax.

Book Source: Review copy from the book club

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing


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