In a feeling named love by D Saathwik

unnamed (1)I received, In a feeling named love by D Saathwik, as a review copy from the publishers BecomeShakespeare.

This book starts in 2020 when Ritwik’s friends invite him for dinner and are surprised to see that he is not accompanied by his wife. And then the book moves into flashback to 2005 when Ritwik is in school. Being brought up by a protective mother, who would pick and drop him to school everyday, Ritwik chances to meet Shrita, who is there to meet her cousin. He is attracted to her and strikes a friendship with her and this friendship blossoms into love and both the families accept the relationship till………………

My take:

The book has been written in first person from Ritwiks point of view. The characters have been developed well and I felt that there is little bit of Ritwik in someone we meet everyday. He has portrayed the love between the two protagonists as something very sacred. The language is simple and the dates mentioned help maintain the chronology of events.

Book Source: Review copy from Publisher



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