God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanium

51W7pYgB7TLI received a signed copy of Ravi Subramanian’s ‘God is a Gamer’ from The Book Club. Thank you Rubina for the book. The book revolves around banking and gaming. There a lot of characters in this book and it moves back and forth between Mumbai, Goa, Washington DC and New York.

In Mumbai, Swaminathan works for the NYIB and is in a fix over phishing incidents that are affecting the account holders. Malvika, his boss also maligns his image.  Aditya Rao and Sundeep’s organization eTIOS is the outsourced agency for NYIB. Now they are into gaming, Indiscape. In comes Varun, who tries to help the gaming business with his inputs as a user.

In the US, senator Gillian Tan dies in a bomb blast, bring FBI Agents Adrian Scott and Tony onto the case. Mike Hendricks, chief of staff of President of America is closely following the case and Senator Tan was an old pal of the President. Then there is Josh and his secrets.

In Goa, Tanya meets Varun, comes back to Mumbai only to see her mother passed out drunk. She is upset.

The story revolves around various terms which connect all these incidents are Cotton Trail, The Onion Router, drug trade, politics, banking, ATM heist and the Bitcoins, a different form of currency. The end is exactly as a thriller should end.

My take:

Though the book is 300 odd pages, but as the chapters are short, the language simple and the flow good, it is a fast paced book.

A multi-starrer action packed thriller is how I would describe the book. A must read for all those who love to read thrillers.

Book Source: The Book Club Group

Publisher: Penguin India


One thought on “God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanium

  1. Thanks for this review Arti. I have feeling this book will one day be made into a movie. you think so? Will probably see it than read it .. 😛 Like i did with 2 states 🙂

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