In the Chateau for Christmas by Rebecca Winters

scan0001At the chateau for Christmas by Rebecca Winters is a story of two estranged families across the Atlantic.

Maurice Valfort married Irene Holden twenty one years go after they both lost their spouses. This was not easily taken by both their families and today the families cannot see eye to eye.

The story begins with Maurice’s grandson, Nicholas comes to San Fransisco to meet Irene’s granddaughter, Laura, with the news that her grandmother passed away leaving her a legacy. He also tells her that he has brought Irene’s body with him because Maurice felt that Irene would have wanted to be laid to rest next to her husband, Richard. She is rude to him and after telling her that the lawyer who has the will would be available only for a week after which he is on Christmas vacation, Nic leaves for France.

After finishing the formalities, she reaches France only to find that the lawyer had already proceeded on leave. She gets to know Maurice and Nic and becomes aware of the truth. Her life turns upside down and to top it all, she falls for Nic, a married man whose wife is missing for three years.

My take:

I loved the characters very much, they had been developed very well. As with her other books, the story deals with the feelings of both the characters. The exchange between Maurice and Laura was very well written.

A must buy, especially for the Christmas holidays.


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