Kaleidoscope of Hopes by Devika Fernando

7548988I received Devika’s new book ‘Kaleidoscope of Hopes’ as a review copy and have to thank Devika for sending the book to me and am sorry for publishing the review so late, though, I promised myself that mine should be the first review, but when you like a book a lot, writing the review becomes difficult, because you don’t know when you go overboard and give the story away. Anyway, back to the book. Kaleidoscope of Hopes is the story of Nadia and Lucas who are neighbours and boss-employee.

The story:

Nadia, 32, lives in a rented apartment and her life is a mess. She was on a puny wage with a mountain of debts to pay back. To top it all a new boss is expected at the office and she feels she would be the next in line to lose her job. And her new boss is Lucas, her new neighbor and the father of five year old Melody, a sweet child who becomes her friend. Both of them have a secret.

My take:

I loved the book immensely and would like to thank Devika for the wonderful story. The characters have been beautifully developed and I loved Melody the most. She is such a sweet child that anyone would love to protect and love her. Nadia, a unique name in English books, is frail and beautiful. The author has done well to bring her secret out in bits and pieces. The author has done the same with Lucas’s secret also. I feel the story and the twists is the combination that has made the book a pageturner.

Book Source: Review copy from the author


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