The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

The Canterville Ghost is a short story by Oscar Wilde, one of his first stories to be published. I read the story accidentally as it was one of the stories in the book that I daughter had to read for her Class V syllabus.

It is the story of a haunted historical mansion, its ghost and its new American owners. Canterville Chase, the mansion belongs to a British Lord who sells it to an American family, the Otis family, after warning them about the ghost who resides there but the Americans do not believe in ghosts.  But as they live there, they come to realize that there is something spooky about it all but take it in their stride not giving any importance to the ghost. The daughter, Virginia, is sensitive and feels sad for the ghost.

My take:

The language and flow of the story are good and the author has covered a lot of ground in a short story. The story and funny and there were instances when I could not help but laugh out load. The author has described the feelings and emotions of the ghost making the reader like him.

I loved the story and would recommend it both adults and children alike.



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