Daddy by Tuhin A Sinha


I remember one thing that I would very often do with my sister when we were kids and later too- Take Better Homes and Gardens’ book             from the bookshelf and browse through the pictures of little kids, even though they were black and white then. We never tried to read what was written in the book because all that fascinated us was the pictures. We turned the pages so many times that the binding of the book gave way and we had to put the book in a cellophane packet so that we do not lose any of the precious pages. Time passed and we got involved in our studies and the book took a seat far back in our minds until the day I wanted to READ the book because I was expecting. I went to my parents’, located the book and brought it with me and it still holds a place in my book shelf among other parenting books which my husband got for me.

You know why I remembered the book, because I read Tuhin A.Sinha’s book Daddy which reminded me of the book I grew up seeing. Tuhin’s book has only 194 pages but the information contained in them is vast. He has written the book for a to be father- a gesture I appreciate- because with women holding same professional positions as men, men should not be far behind when it comes to parenting. He has rightfully divided the book into seven sections of which the first four deal with pregnancy, delivery and the homecoming of the baby and the next two deal with becoming parents and also about sending the child to school. The seventh section deals about how fathers can be involved in the upbringing of the child.

He has given examples of various fathers and has not shied away from giving his own example. The prologue talks about celebrity fathers. I feel he could have included more photographs making it more interesting.

I liked the book and would recommend it to fathers and would be fathers both new and old alike.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India

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