Between Him and Her by Jaspreet Soni

Between Him and Her by Jaspreet Soni is a short story which was posted by Indireads Editor on 2nd September 2014 for the Indireads Short Story contest.

Ria is getting ready for the book launch and the reading session for her new book when her daughter Akansha brings her an invitation card for a wedding- the wedding of Rajat’s daughter. Ria had met Rajat at a book store, had fallen in love with him but they had decided to stay just acquaintances. She never got over Rajat and he still occupies a corner of her heart, though she is happy with the life she is living with her husband and daughter, they still keep in touch occasionally. She goes to the book launch with a heavy heart and a smile on her lips, desperately seeking a familiar face.

But does Rajat come for the book launch?? Read on.

My take:

I really liked the story and the way the author has written it moving smoothly between the past and the present.

Source: Published in Short stories by Indireas



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