The Cure Was Love by Reet Singh

When you receive a book a month in advance before the release date, what do you do? Me, I put everything on hold and start with the book, and don’t keep it down until I’ve finished it. This is what I did when I received Reet Singh’s new book, “The cure was love”. Tha10646629_367069040140538_1617030245968753713_nnk you so much, Reet, for sending me an advance copy of the book. I really enjoyed it. The book is a sweet love story of Simi and Rudy.

The story:

Simi Gill, 24, is the only child of an only parent, Simi, is very attached to her father, a retired Colonel, who had devoted his entire life to her after the death of her mother in childbirth. He runs a plant nursery in Chandigarh and she is studying medicine in Bangalore. She has been jilted by her boyfriend because of her polycystic ovaries and her father issues. Simi is used to things going wrong all the time- like murphy wrote the law based on her life.

Half Indian, Dr Rudy Bhatnagar, a surgeon, the son of a gynaecologist and an orthopaedic surgeon, is rich and recently divorced. As far as women are concerned, he has had enough of any kind to last him a lifetime.

Simi is in her last month of her medical studentship at Sloan Kettering Medical Centre in New York and goes to her favorite grill and bar, The Blue Danube, with her best friend and roommate, Shubra. She is allergic to alcohol and passes out only to wake up to the sound of an off key baritone, with a throbbing head only to find herself lying in a state of undress wearing a man’s flannel shirt.  To top it all, ‘Mr Baritone’ tells her that she had she is in a room above the bar. When Rudy (Mr Baritone) Rudy is on the way to drop her, she gets in the way of the bullet and hurts her arm and he has to rush her to his surgery instead.  She ends up meeting his parents and finds that she and his father belong to the same medical college in Bangalore. They are attracted to each other and she knows Rudy is out of bounds for her because he is not interested and she cannot have him because she does not want to stay away from her father. Moreover, she could do without the pain of leaving her heart behind in America. So, she leaves for India without informing him.

My take:

I loved the story and especially the way the author has described the feelings of both the characters. The relationship between Simi and her father  and that between Rudy and his family has been beautifully portrayed.

Overall, a nice book.

Highly recommended. i would be buying a paperback as soon as it is releases in the Indian market

Book Source: review copy from the Author

Publisher: Harlequin India


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