Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne

81lwSCzMv0L._SL1500_I received Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne as a review copy from the Book Club. Thank you Rubina for the same. It is the story of a girl from a village falling for a city bred man.

The Story:

Samara Sharma was raised by her aunt in a village near Kurukshetra when her parents left her there in pursuit of their religious pursuits. Having fought for her rights as a child, she still jumps in to save people she likes.

Tahir Virani of Virani Biotech, has had a childhood when he was not wanted by his parents. He would be shunted from one parent to another because they were too busy. Their marriage ended in a divorce as did his to Elaine.

Samara works as Tahir’s PA and has fallen hard for him. She dresses up in clothes concealing herself so that she is not noticed by him. Until one day, she drives down to Tahir’s house upon finding him drunk on the phone so as to prevent him from getting out cold and the situation changes.

She needs something permanent and he needs an affair with her and to make things worse there is Elaine, his ex-wife, who does not let the chance slip whenever she can to goad him or to make him feel guilty.

My take:

What a story! The author has described the feelings of both the characters very nicely and the book moves from the feelings of one character and gets entangled in the feelings of the other. Sometimes, I would feel bad for Samara and sometimes I would feel for Tahir. She has really created story where the characters are completely opposite of each other but still are attracted to one another.

Book Source: The Book club


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