I.T.Hurts by Subhasis Das and Mahi Singla

IT hurtsI received IT hurts by Subhasis Das and Mahi Singla as a review copy from Rupa Publications. Thank You Ram for the book. The book revolves around the IT world and Gautam, the main protagonist.

The blurb:

Gautam, the rich brat ; Subho, the corporate slave; Mudrika (Moody), the ambitious girl; Richa, the tomboy; Pritam, the dummy; and Ali, the carefree genius—six people from different backgrounds enter in the IT industry with a common dream: to become rich.

On the very first day of his job, Gautam falls for the gorgeous Ananya. But when he admits his love to her, he gets the shock of his life—she is soon to be married. Devastated, Gautam moves out of Ananya’s life and finds solace with his gang of friends and in cans of beer. Corporate life and its grind helps, too, and so does a move to the States. But Gautam decides to give love a second chance and flies down to Mumbai. Will he be second time lucky?

Find out in IT Hurts! a heartwarming story of newfound love, old friendships and the trial and tribulations of a punishing industry.

The story:

Gautam Deshmukh moves to Mumbai for a job, but more so to forget the love of his life Riya, only to meet a Riya lookalike at the pre placement medical examination. This Riya turns out to be Ananya Singh, four years older than him and already engaged to be married. This devastates him and he finds his friends mean more to him than anything. He then moves to America and parties hard. Only to come back to India for official work and find Ananya again. Will they confess their love now or will they still keep beating around the bush?

My take:

The book revolves around the IT industry, its cut throat competition, goals and targets. But it also revolves around friendship of Gautam, Subho, Pritam, Ali, Moody and Richa. The language is simple, the flow good and the suspense keeps the reader wanting to read more before keeping the book down. Though the book moves back and forth between the past present, but the track is well maintained.


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