The Zaken Takeover by Dilsher Singh and Reet Singh

The Zaken TakeoverThe Zaken takeover by Dilsher Singh and Reet Singh is an ebook for kids. This is Reet’s first full length novel for children and I would like to thank Reet for the book.

The characters:

Thomas Chiller, Tom, 18, is bored of his routine life. He has just passed his Class twelve exams along with his friends Greg and Brian. For him, nothing is better than the last day of school.

Commander Axarl, an alien from Zakerl, has been appointed by the General, to invade Earth, kidnap one vulnerable person, ‘the specimen’ and bring him home to see how far the brain is developed. He is even given a special shuttle for the special mission.

Genorts are the lifelong enemies of the Zakens and would do anything to spoil their mission, even sabotage.

The story:

On a col may morning, there is an announcement on the school PA System that a farewell party has been organized for the passouts. After attending the party with Brian and Greg, Tom is in no hurry to go home because his parents are out for the weekend on a business trip, Tom goes and sits on a bench in a garden and sees a firefly. He suddenly realizes that it not a firefly but an alien and gets excited not realizing that the alien is there to kidnap him and take him to his boss and they would be studying his brain.

Thus starts the game of cat and mouse between Axarl and Tom. Would Axarl capture Tom and take him to Zakerl or would Tom outwit him? Who would win?

My take:

Whenever my ten year old tells me to read a book of hers, I look for an excuse to avoid it. But when I started with this book, I could not keep it down and was looking for excuses to read the book and finish it soon. The suspense was getting on to me.

I really loved the book. It is indeed unputdownable.

Highly recommended.

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