The Truth About De Campo by Jennifer Hayward

The Truth0514-9780373137237-bigw About De Campo by Jennifer Hayward was one of the 23 books that I received as a prize for the Tornado Giveaway. I would like to thank the author for providing with an ebook and Rubina Ramesh of the Book Club for organizing the giveaway. It is the story of the youngest De Campo brother, Matteo and the older daughter of Warren Davis, world’s third richest man, Quinn Davis.

The story:

Quinn Davis, 27, has been put her incharge of the restaurant operations of the Luxe Hotel chain which has just been bought by Warren Davis. She will be the final decision maker for the wine contract for which De Campo is one of the short-listed companies. Divorced from Julian Edwards, a blue blooded lawyer from Boston, she has the reputation of being a manhater. Her younger sister, Thea, is her best friend.

Matteo De Campo, 32, is the son of Antonio De Campo, builder of the De Campo global wine empire. He is the vice president of sales and marketing for De Campo. His eldest brother, Riccardo wants Matteo to impress Quinn, bag the contract, but not sleep with her, given Matteo’s playboy image. Having lost his best friend, Giancarlo in an accident, he feels guilty and remorseful.

She is a female warrior in the male dominated world and considers De Campo to be an arrogant self-satisfied brand but he feels it is a proud brand.

One day, Matteo gets a call from Quinn telling him that De Campo is one of the two short listed companies and visits their vineyards as a part of finalization of the deal. This is followed by Matteo and the other finalist visiting the Luxe hotels in St Lucia.

Who would win the contract? Where would the chemistry between Matteo and Quinn lead them? Read on to find out.

My take:

The story is sweet, and I really loved the way the author has described the feelings of both the characters. Both of them are not supposed to get involved with one another, but try to enter the other’s territory by using the other person’s emotionally weak moment and get the secrets out. The way Quinn deals with her life is amazing and reflects her strong personality.

Once I came to know that this is the third book of the De Campo Trilogy, I am waiting for a chance to know the elder De Campo brothers.

Book Source: Author as a part of the Tornado Giveaway by The Book Club

Publisher: Harlequin



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