Mistress at Italian’s command by Melanie Milburne

scan0001 Mistress at Italian’s command by Melanie Milburne is the novella in the August 2014 issue of the Book-a-zine from Harlequin India. It is the story two people trying to protect their respective sisters, set in Italy.

Alice Benton and Alexandra Sharpe are identical twins and Ally has been looking after Alex since they lost their mother when they were almost fifteen. She would even trade places with Alex to protect her.

Ally is working as in Australia and has planned a holiday with her twin Alex, who works in London, when she receives a call from Italy that Alex has tried to commit suicide and is under observation. She rushes to the clinic and the psychiatrist advices her to send Alex to an institution in Switzerland for recuperating and stabilizing.

As she is cleaning Alex’s apartment when Vittorio Vassallo comes in, accuses her of scratching his car, stealing his money and having an affair with his brother-in-law. She realizes that she has been mistaken for Alex and does not clear the confusion in order to protect Alex. She knows someone is lying and wants to get to the bottom of things and know why Alex did what she did.

Assuming she is Alex, Vittorio suggests that she act as his mistress in public, for two weeks, to ward off the rumours about her and his brother-in-law, thus protecting his sister till she is out of the danger zone of her pregnancy. He is ready to pay her generously, she is ready to do anything for her sister and agrees to go back with him to Italy.

My take:

A very cute story and an easy read. I loved the book and the revelation at the end.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India


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