When I see your face by Devika Fernando

when-i-see-your-faceI received When I See Your Face by Devika Fernando as a prize winner of the Tornado Giveaway organized by the Book club. I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of her book and Rubina Ramesh of the Bookclub for being the brain behind the giveaway. This book is the story of Cathy who wants to start her life afresh.

The blurb:

Cathy has had enough. Having run away from her abusive husband, she tries to pick up the broken pieces of her life in a remote village, focusing on her dream to start her own cake business. Finding true love is the last thing on her mind. When she comes face to face with a man who looks exactly like the one she is struggling to forget, life throws the biggest challenge yet at her: Should she give in to his charm and care or is history going to repeat itself?

The story:

Cathy Nolan has had enough of abuses and bruises in her short span of marriage to Mark, the famous real estate manager. So seventeen months into her marriage, she packs her belongings and leaves the house. She decides to move to a village which she sees on the bus leaving home. Her landlady, Ms Grindle, becomes her new found aunt and she feels loved after a long time.

One day, when she feels she has settled down, she goes to buy her groceries and comes face to face with Mark, who is holding a bouquet of yellow roses. She screams at him and runs away only to come back to the guest house when she feels she is safe and decides to stay in till her supplies last, in order to avoid Mark.

Aunt Grindle tries to clear the misunderstanding between them and she becomes friends with him and starts a cake business in the village. But can she trust him after all?
My take:

A beautifully woven tale, short and sweet. The author has created characters which can be easily related to and described their emotions very well described as if she was witnessing them.

A nice read after a hectic week, takes the fatigue away. It is very difficult to forget the past but the author has really done a good job in showing how Cathy picks up the reins of her life in the little village.

Warning: Please keep some tissues handy, you just might need them.

Book Source: Author as a part of the Tornado Giveaway organied by The BookClub



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