My love is blind by Hiba Khan


My love is blind by Hiba Khan is the story of Brooke Mathews who goes halfway round the world in pursuit of her disappeared fiancé. I received the book as a review copy from Indireads. Thank you, Naheed, for the book.

The Blurb:

Brooke has fallen blindly in love with Harris Amin, a mathematics professor and a budding photographer in New York City. She firmly believes he is the man of her dreams, and when he asks her to marry him, she’s ecstatic.

When he suddenly leaves for Pakistan without an explanation, or a forwarding address, Brooke is devastated, but determined to find him.

Armed with nothing more than his family name, his brother’s place of work and his city, Brooke sets off on the journey of a lifetime to find him. But when she comes face to face with him, can her love survive the truth?

The story:

Brooke Mathews, an American works as the group head of Human Resources in a technology solutions firm, Simons.

The story starts with Brooke coming back to New York from a business trip and finds that Harris Amin, her fiancé, a Pakistani, is missing, gone without a trace, his phone is switched off and his flat empty. All she gets from his landlord is an envelope with a letter which states that he is leaving for Pakistan and would not be back and that she should forget him. The landlord tells her he does not have the address in Pakistan and remembers that the name of the place resemble the word scratchy. She suddenly realizes that though, she was engaged to him, she knows next to nothing about him, other than the fact that his brother, Irfan, works in Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan. She just does not know what to do and when she discusses with her friends, they tell her to move on but she decides to follow him.

Once she reaches Pakistan, she starts her search only to reach a dead end every time, but does not lose hope or her perseverance.

My take:

The story is a little different than the rest and the flow is good. The romance between the characters and the concern they have for each other has been beautifully portrayed. I liked Brooke’s persistence and her determination to find Harris and also the way her friend and her mother keep an eye on her when she is in Pakistan.

Book Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Publisher: Indireads

Format: ebook

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