A Girl Like Me by Swati Kaushal

AGLM-PICl is her second book. It is the story of sixteen year old Anish Rai who comes back to Delhi, India with her mother, Isha, after her father’s death.

The story:

Anisha or Annie as she likes to be called comes back to Delhi with her mother after spending most of her childhood in Minnesota, USA. Her mother takes up a job as a creative director in a company. She meets her childhood friend, Kedar Verma, Keds, whom she had met off and on, on her trips to India. She joins the same school as KEds and makes friends with his gang. Keds is supportive and protective of her. He tries to make her do all the she did before her father’s death and even helps her with her studies.

In comes Kunal, an ex-student and a theater enthusiast and Ani falls for her even though Keds warns her. At home, she makes friends with Rani. But all through her father’s memories keep coming back and she still tries to come to terms with reality.


My take:

The book has been written in first person, from Annie’s perspective. The characters have been described well. The book is funny at times and at times, sad. My heart went out to Annie, especially, when she remembers her father. Being a romantic at heart, I felt that a relationship could have been developed between Annie and Keds.  Maybe a sequel could be planned on those lines.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Penguin

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