Passionate Pen by Dedunu Dissanayake

I received the novella, Passionate Pen by Dedunu Dissanayake, from Naheed of Indireads, as a review copy. Thank you, Naheepassionate-pen-2d.

The Blurb:

Dinuka loves her work at the Guardian, and has all the instincts of a good journalist. But the attractive reporter is all at sea when it comes to men and their mysterious ways.

Her neighbor Himath, the man she has been in love with since childhood, doesn’t seem to have noticed that she has matured into a beautiful, desirable young woman. Asela, her married boss has certainly noticed, and professes his love for her; but is he after her heart or her body?

In the office or out chasing assignments, Dinuka navigates the world of men and learns about life, love and her own desires. Can she script her own love story, or is she destined only to report from the sidelines?

The story:

Dinuka and Himath are neighbours and childhood friends, who grow up and start working in the same Publishing House, she as a journalist and he, an accountant. They travel together to and from work along with his sister, Nimali, who also works in the same office. Dinuka, 22, wants to travel before settling down and does not want to take money from her parents. So, she writes to a magazine and Asela, the editor there, accepts her articles and agrees to pay her at the rate of Rs 80 per printed word. She and Asela keep in touch via emails and Asela, though married, tells her that he loves her and wants to meet her. In the meanwhile, Shiro, the new PA to the CEO, who would be replacing Nimali, joins and makes a beeline for Himath and he does not discourage her. And is Dinuka jealous? Read on…..

 My take:

I loved the way the author has shown the conversation between Dinuka and Asela via emails. The characters were lifelike and lovable. I could actually picturise some scenes, they have been so well written.

A good book, I loved it.

Book Source: Review copy from Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Format: ebook


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