The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

$_12I received the book ‘The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith’ as a review copy from Hachette India. Thank you, Shobhita for the book. Initially, I was skeptical in picking up such a thick book but once I picked it up, I was unable to keep it down.

The story:

Detective C.B.Strike, Cormoran is approached by a lady, Leonora Quine, to look for her husband, an author by the name of Owen Quine because she needs him and their daughter Orlando needs him. She refuses to go to the police because she feels that they would laugh at her again. He and his assistant Robin take on the case. Robin is the perfect assistant, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, makes coffee and hates being called his secretary. Strike follows leads of the case and gets entangled in the circle of publisher, agent and the likes and gets to know that the disappearance has something to do with the latest book of the writer, Bombyx mori. The plot deepens and more suspects emerge. I shall not write more or it would spoil the suspense of the book.

My take:

A good detective story, very well written with the twists and turns at the appropriate places. The characters are well developed. Though some more cases also run in parallel along with the Quine case, but it was the Quine case, which kept me thinking, who did it? What would happen next?  and the other cases faded into the background.

Book Source: Review copy from the Publisher

Publisher: Hachette India


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