Author Interview Series: Interview 6: Neelam Saxena Chandra

neelam photoNeelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession and works in the Indian Railways. Writing poetry and fiction is her passion and she has published more than 600 stories/ poems in various leading Indian as well as International magazines. She has 13 publications to her credit which include collections of short stories, poetry, a thriller and a romantic novel. She has won several awards including the Rabindra Nath Tagore International Award for poetry 2014.

Neelam, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.


Wow! So many publications to your credit, not to mention the awards. Please tell us something about yourself.

I am a very positive and energetic person. I just can’t sit idle. Passion in life keeps me going.

You have a full time job. How do you manage to find time to write?

Passion takes care of everything. I write when everyone has settled down and is sleeping at night.

What do you enjoy writing more: prose or poetry?

I am a very moody person and it all depends upon my mood what I shall write that day. I do not follow any set pattern. However, writing atleast two short poems in Hindi is something that I have been doing since more than two years and they are available on my page

You are an engineer, have you done any course in writing?

No, I have not done any formal course in writing. For me, it is the experience which is more important.

What are the challenges you face while writing a book?

Writing a book is fun. I love it. However, what is really challenging is the marketing part which I am not good at.

I know it is difficult for an author to choose between her books, but which is closer to your heart?

I just can’t choose. All books are like my babies and I love them all.

What is the genre you like to read?

Undoubtedly, Fiction.

Who is your favourite author? Any author who has influenced your writing?

My favorite author is Erich Segal and my favorite poet is Gulzar.

What is the next project that you are working on? When is the next book scheduled for release?

I have one novel, four short story collections, one novella for kids, one hindi poetry collection and 8 picture books under publishing. I am working on a novel currently which talks of class struggles and other social issues.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Please understand that only 1% of the authors get paid well. And writing also means a lot of struggle. So be sure of what you are doing before moving ahead.


Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts with your readers.


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