The Boss’s Valentine by Lynne Graham

I have just picked up the launch issue of M&B, fast fiction by Mills & Boon published by Harlequin India in March 20book 00114. As with the other book-a-zines of the same name, it also has romance recipes, Romance news, Romance horoscope
and a short story,.

It is the story of Poppy Bishop and Santino Aragone, set in London.He is a technical whizz, a perfectionist and she was an accident that kept on happening.

Poppy Bishop, 21, works in Aragone Systems as a marketing junior. Her favourite colour is pink and she even uses it in her presentations. She has a dreadful dress sense, talked too much, knocked things over and messed up royally on the computer on a regular basis. Maximo Santino had felt sorry for her because she had said that this was her first interview after fifty-odd job application and hired her. Her elder brother, Peter, was a genius and her parents’ had worshipped the ground he walked on so much so that they would undermine her every triumph and even emigrated to Australia to be with his family. Santino Aragone’s PA calls her ‘Tinkerbell’ because she is always flying about and putting her feet in noisily.

The story:

Poppy had fallen head over heels in love with Santino Aragone in her first week of work, six months ago. And she had gone ahead and sent him a big, pink Valentine card saying, ‘As always, I’m thinking of you and loving you today’. Craig guesses it and tells Santino that she is the one but Santino does not believe it. In the office party, that evening, Craig tries to embarrass her by pinpointing her and she walks out only to be followed by Santino himself. She suddenly finds herself sitting in his office talking to him. And the next morning, she leaves London and he tracks her down. Suddenly, she discovers that she is pregnant and writes to him but he does not respond.

My take:

A quick read. Both the characters are realistic and lovable. I loved how the author has described the feelings of both of them. The flow is good.

These fast fictions from Mills & Boon are actually like novellas- short and sweet and Harlequin India should keep up with this initiative.


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