Its Complex by Shoma Narayanan


Its complex by Shoma Narayanan is her first book which is not a Mills & Boon. It is the story of Jaiveer Singh and Nikita Dewan, set in Mumbai.

The Blurb:

Anything can happen in Mumbai. Fame, fortune, adventure, romance.
Jai, an aspiring scriptwriter and Nikita, the consummate modern working woman, live in the same residential high rise in Mumbai. One night, the two have a dramatic encounter, when Jai rescues Nikita from a near fatal accident and then offers to moonlight as her driver. Thus begins a tempestuous romance which takes many unexpected twists and turns.
Jai, desperate for a break in Bollywood, enters a love story contest in Nikitas name. Will this rash act on his part lead to a nasty breakup or will the two let their barriers fall and discover each other a new? Find out how the young couple navigate their complicated relationship even as they deal with the many colourful characters who enter their lives.
An action packed urban drama played out in a swanky housing society, Its Complex! is also a heart felt story about what happens to seemingly sorted people when they face major choices in life.

The Characters:

Jaiveer Singh alias Jai is MSc Physics, the only son of a jeweler wants to become a writer and write a book on Semi-historical fiction.  He is not on good terms with his parents, came to Mumbai to write a book, lives rent free in his brother-in-law’s flat on the fourth floor of Shiv-Shakti Cooperative Housing Society in Prabhadevi in Mumbai. In order to write a book, he needs a job which gives him a fair amount of free time and he fast running out of cash that he got from home.

Nikita Dewan, a chartered accountant, lives on the same floor. Her mother worked in a bank and she has had a middle class upbringing. She wants to marry a rich guy and is on the lookout for one. Nikita’s cousin, a banker, lives in Swanky Carlton Towers with his wife, Shilpa, who works for an HR firm.

The story begins with Nikita lying in a hospital bed following a car accident, Jai having brought her there and taking care of her car. He offers to become her driver because she cannot drive and it would help take care of his day to day expenses. While waiting in Nikita’s car, he comes across a contest in the newspaper ‘The Great Indian Love Story’ by Wayne Studios with a prize money of five lakhs. He enters the contest using a pen-name Nikita Dewan and wins it. Meanwhile, he continues to chauffer Nikita and also her cousin’s kids carpool.

Nikita looks at Naveen Kabra, the owner of the PR firm handling the contest as a prospective and Saloni, an aspiring actress befriends Jai. All the stories are linked with each other and this makes it COMPLEX.

My take:

The story is nice and the characters have been developed well. Though she has mentioned that Jai and Nikita are the main characters, but other characters are equally important in taking the story forward. I loved Jai more than anyone else, he has no airs given the background he belongs to. On my vacation to Mumbai, I stayed at one of the swanky apartment complexes and thus could actually visualize Carlton Towers.

Overall, a nice book, with a good flow, making it a fast read.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Rupa Publications



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