Eighteen and Wiser (Not Quite) by Vibha Batra

9780143333197Eighteen and Wiser (Not Quite) by Vibha Batra is the third book of the Rinki Series. Rinki is eighteen now and the much dreaded Board Exams are over. Rinki has moved from BBM to Twitter and all the chapters start with a tweet. Thank you, Vibha for the book.

The Blurb:

Join Rinki and the wolf pack in the most exciting year of their lives She has dreamed of it, longed for it, cried for it. And now, she’s it. Rinki Tripathi is finally eighteen! But, as she realizes, being eighteen comes with its own set of troubles: parental expectations (they seem to be obsessed with the ‘F’ word: Future), romantic complications (in the form of the so-gorgeous-it-isn’t-fair Tejas), professional tribulations (don’t even ask). Rinki can’t understand why her male friends prefer her female friends to her. Her college teachers can’t understand why her attendance is so poor. And her parents, poor folks, don’t understand her at all! Rinki has hit the magic number but her life is far from magical. Will the eighteenth year of her life make her feel any wiser? Read the last installment in the Rinki series and find out.

The story:

Rinki want to visit her BFF, Ankita, in Delhi with her Chennai friends Robin, Sudha, Google and Adit but her parents and celebrate her eighteenth birthday there but her parents put their foot down. They say that they would not send her unchaperoned and that they would accompany the group to Delhi. And then her dad is tied up with his work, so Rinki has to celebrate her birthday in Chennai sans Ankita. Finally, she goes to Delhi with her parents and Ankita is waiting for her at the airport and the boys follow and the girls cannot make it to Delhi.

Once back at Chennai, she takes up a job at a fashion magazine. Then comes the result, college admissions and more.

The Rinki ride is enjoyable.

My take:

I liked this one more than the others. Rinki has become less rebellious. The playlists of the first book have now graduated to DVD titles. The book is as hilarious as the first two books and the characters no longer alien. My advice is read them in chronological order and you will enjoy it more, I did,

A good book, another easy breezy read from Vibha.

Book Source: Review copy from Author/ publisher

Publisher: Penguin


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