Sweet Sixteen (Yeah, Right!) by Vibha Batra

9780143332404Sweet Sixteen (Yeah, Right!) by Vibha Batra  is the first book in the Rinki Tripathi Trilogy. I am thankful to the author for sending me the book. It is the story of sixteen year old Rinki Tripathi who moves from Delhi to Chennai with her parents on her father’s transfer.

The Blurb:

From Oye to Aiyyo, from dahi bhallas to bissi bella, from rajma to rasam, watch Rinki’s life take one big 360 degree skid
Vannakam. It’s the summer of 2011 and sixteen-year-old Rinki Tripathi has just been sentenced to a life in Chennai. She is supposed to say goodbye to her BFF, her beloved hometown Dilli, basically her whole life.
Surd jokes must step aside for Rajni forwards, parandis must make way for mallipoo, Delhi Daredevils must go down fighting Chennai Super Kings.
Guess what else heads south? Her grades. The princy wants to see more of her parents, her mom wants to see more of kanjivarams and her dad doesn’t want to be seen at all. Then there is the school hottie, Tejas, who is making her decidedly hot under the collar. Shiva shiva. How is a girl supposed to cope with all this madness? Read on to find out. Just don’t ditch Rinki midway. Mind it!

The story:

Rinki Tripathi’s father breaks the news to Rinki and her mother that his bank has transferred him to Chennai and that they should start packing. Her mother recovers after being upset initially but Rinki needs time to recover from the shock. Her friends make it worse by comparing Delhi and Chennai. Rinki loves music and makes a playlist reflecting her mood.

Finally, they move and are in a new place, with a new language, new neighbourhood, new school and new friends. And the teething problems set in. She does not like commerce, prefers extra-curricular activities and her grades start dropping. She finds everything but studies awesome. To make matters worse she has a crush on Tejas.

My take:

The book has been written in first person from Rinki’s perspective. The chapters start with a Facebook status update giving an idea of what follows. The idea of the playlist is unique and I loved it. The book is fast paced and very hilarious at times. The author has really captured the moments and added appropriate comments. I really loved the comment, “Mom leapt up like a golden slice from a toaster”. The pronunciations have been depicted well like okay as vokay, curd as karad and so on.

Overall, an enjoyable read. Thank you Vibha, once again for the book. Shall start reading ‘Seventeen and done’, the next book in the trilogy soon.

Book Source: Review copy from the author/ Publisher

Publisher: Penguin India


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