His Runaway Royal Bride by Tanu Jain

His RunawImageay Royal Bride, Tanu Jain’s second book, is another royal book based on royal characters, Meethi and Veer.

Nineteen year old Meethi meets Maharaj Vidyamaan Veer Singh of Samogpur, nine years her senior, in a typical Bollywood style- she saves a pup from being run down by his car. They meet again at a wedding and he asks for her hand in marriage. She does not want to get married because she wants to pursue her degree in art for which she has won an art fellowship in London. He convinces her that he would let her study after marriage and they get married in temple. The elders of the family keep taunting her about her family background and she cannot do anything about it because Veer does not believe her. Her confidante in the family is Veer’s cousin, Harshvardhan. Three years into her marriage and a miscarriage later, she runs away to her Guruji, because she has nowhere else to go, feigning her death. She thought that running away would set them both free.

Three years later, Veer locates Meethi, after discovering that she was alive and moving heaven and earth to find her, and brings her back. Being a stickler for family traditions, he feels that she has tarnished the family name and honour and shamed her father’s memory and wants to know why she ran away, but she is not ready to tell. He feels that she has betrayed him by feigning death and she feels he was relieved at getting rid of her.

Will he know the truth or will he still not believe her?

My take:

A very well written story. I loved the part when Veer comes to know that Meethi is alive. The characters have been described well and so have their feelings. Loved the book. Well done, Tanu!

The cover has been thoughtfully designed keeping Meethi in mind. A good job done:

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India




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