For Better for Worse by Rebecca Winters

scan0003M & B, The fast fiction from Mills and Boon is a new initiative from Harlequin India and I have taken a liking to it. The book-a-zine, as they call it, is not very easily available in Delhi, I have to go as far as twenty kilometers to get it and miss some issues. The book-a-zine is a total of hundred odd pages, includes a short story by a famous mills and Boon author, monthly horoscope, some recipes and Romance news. What I like about the book-a-zine is the short story and the easy recipes.

The June issue has a story by Rebecca Winters, “For Better, For Worse”, the story of Kit Spring and Rafael de Mendez y Lucar.

Kit Spring teaches Maths and English at school at US Naval Military Base in Rota, Spain not far from Jerez where the Mendez estate is located. She meets Jamie through common friends and meets Rafael meet at a sherry party hosted by Jamie. Rafael’s roots go back to the Spanish Aristocracy and his family is one of the most important landowners in Andalusia and he runs the family business. Raf proposes marriage and Kit disappears because his mother tells her to stay away and she does not want to create a rift in the family. She runs away to Inkom, Idaho in the US where she was born and brought up. He tracks her down and meets with a freak accident on the way to the airport en route to Spain, where they are going to get married. Just before, he is wheeled in for the surgery, he marries her. When he regains consciousness, he loses his memory and doctors do not know when it would come back.

Read on….

A very well written novella. I loved the book as well as the characters a lot.

Looking forward to such book-a-zines in future and would love it if Harlequin India could create an annual subscription package.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India

Format: Book-a-zine

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