Canvas of Dreams by Jaya Siva Murty

canvas-of-dreamsCanvas of Dreams by Jaya Siva Murty was sent to me by Naheed of Indireads. Thanks so much, Naheed, for sending me such a lovely book. It is the story of Riya and her life.

Book Blurb

Riya seems to have lost everything—the man she loves to another woman, her husband to death and her soul to fear.

When she finally realizes her dream of opening an art gallery, however, things begin to look up. On the one hand, she is working closely with the handsome artist, Rehaan. On the other, her first love Ryan comes back into her life, and the other woman is out of the picture.

But can she move on from her past, or will its long fingers cast a shadow on everything she does?

The story:

Ten years ago, Riya and Ryan studied in the same class since kindergarten in Kanpur and Ryan would help Riya in Maths. They were family friends and would meet off and on. Slowly, the friendship developed into love and Ryan moved to Philippines in the eleventh standard but they would find time to meet when he would be back on vacations. They move to college, she, to study fine arts at Baroda’s MS University and he, to University of Phillipines. And, thus started their long distance relationship, until she hears about Sia.

Now, Riya is 32, a widow for 5 years, working in an Art Gallery. She goes to Singapore to attend the ‘South Asian Curators Summit’ and runs into Ryan, He is still the same and as affectionate as before and a confused Riya comes back to Mumbai. With the help of her best friend, Shweta, she overcomes her nightmare and moves back into her marital home. She decides to convert it into an art gallery and meets Rehaan, an artist, who falls in love with her. And then Ryan comes back to Mumbai.

My take:

The story has been written very well and the characters are very real. The English is simple and the flow is good. The supporting characters also have an important role to play. I liked the way the author has moved from first person to third person without affecting the flow of the story. The book is actually a beautiful story painted in words. An excellent work for a debutant author.

Book Source: Review copy from Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Format: ebook


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