How to Screw up like a Pro by Abirami M Krishnan

books-97893500927365ff1b9e6a5.jpg.999x275x275I received the book ‘How to Screw up like a Pro’ by Abirami M Krishnan as a review copy from the Publisher, Hachette India. Thank you so much, Shobhita, for the book. It is the story of a house, in Chennai, that has two grandparents, two parents and three grownup children.

The blurb:

“Most families have their share of rebels, adulterers, addicts, ambitious actors, reformed playboys, lovers of exotic animals, and the occasional mute, right?”

Akola Suresh, recently returned from the US, finds that in the three years that she’s been away, ‘home’ has become more unravelled than ever. Surrounded by ever-bickering parents whom she addresses by their first names, aged grandparents struck with all manner of old-age eccentricities, a brother who is narrowly skirting the path to social pariah-hood, and a younger sister aspiring to be the hottest new star in Kollywood, Akola is quite sure of one thing — ‘bonded’ is a word they could never entirely apply to themselves.

But when old, hurtful secrets are revealed and a frightening incident shakes them all to the core, it’s time for the Sureshes to abandon their happily dysfunctional lives and, finally, be family.

The story:

Dr Suresh and Dr Parvati, live in Parvati’s gargantuan government appointed bungalow with his mother, Lakshmi Paati; her father Ramu Thatha and their three children, Arjun, Akola and Anjana. Arjun, the eldest, works in a company in Chennai.

Amirtha Komala Lakshmi, Akola is the second offspring. After doing her graduation abroad, she is doing her doctorate in Genetic Engineering from IIT, Chennai. Mirnalini is her best friend. Akola is not very close to her parents since she was ten and calls them by their first names. Anjana, the youngest, dreams of being an actress in Kollywood.

The story moves back and forth between the past and the present. Then tragedy strikes, some skeletons topple out of the closet and the family becomes close-knit.

My take:

The book has been very well written. Though the story revolves around these seven members of the family, it also involves secondary characters who are related to the primary members and it does not feel as if some character has been put in unnecessarily. I loved Akola, she is strong even after what she has to face in childhood and then later.

A very good book, and excellent effort. The book made me realize a lot of things which I usually take for granted.

Book Source: Review copy provided by the publisher

Publisher: Hachette India

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