Eyes on You by Meera Shivashankar

Eyes on You Imageby Meera Shivashankar is the story of Sameer Khan and Nethra set in Chennai. This is the twenty fourth book of Publishers that I am reading and the last of the Red Romance Series (in my order of reading, not the Publisher’s chronology).

Nethra, orphaned at sixteen, when her parents were killed in a train accident, stays at her maternal uncle’s house with her younger sister, and teaches Bharatnatyam at Kalakshetra.

Sameer Khan, 35, is the youngest of the three siblings and is the Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police. He is in Chennai on the trail of the dreaded terrorist, Ustad Khan.

One evening, when Nethra is returning from her dance school, she is dragged by Ustad Khan’s jeep which is being chased by the police led by Sameer. Nethra lands up in a hospital with a broken rib and wrist and bruises and abrasions. Sameer tries to protect her from Ustad Khan, who is looking for her.

The book has been well written and the story is nice. The characters have been developed The language is simple and the flow is good. Overall, a good read.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers



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