Second Chances by Rahul Dev

ImageSecond Chances by Rahul Dev is the story of Sameer and Isabella, set in Chennai.

Isabella Nayar, widowed after a year and a half of marriage to her college sweetheart, Amrith, is devastated. She works at CentERPrise, spends her evenings smoking and drinking in pubs and clubs. She lives her life without a purpose, till Sameer comes along.

Sameer Suri, a fashion retailer in the making. David is his best friend. He meets Isabella through David and his fiancée, Sana. She is impressed by his confidence and take-charge manner.

Omar Khan is the only son of Fahad Amjad Ali Khan, one of the most reputed and respected realty magnates of the city. Omar is ‘The Roman’ and is into clubbing and drinking. Isabella meets him when she comes back to Chennai and he introduces her to the world of smoking, drinking and clubbing.

The book is very well written, specially the feelings of both the characters have been described very well and the characters are also well developed. If the lodge mentioned in the book exists in Kodai, would really love to go there.

A nice book with a nice story. Would love to watch it as a movie.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn


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