The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A Sinha


The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A Sinha is the story of Shruti Ranjan, a journalist, who leaves Delhi and her cheating boyfriend, Abhay and agrees to get marries to a boy of their choice, Rohit Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in Bihar, which manifests the existence of ‘The Jungle Raj’.

She begins her life as the wife of a DC and slowly, they start to understand each other. She is raped by a politically sheltered goon and this changes her life completely. The author had brought to light her husband’s reaction and the reaction of the state government to the unfortunate incident. Slowly Rohit comes round and understands that Shruti is not to blame for the unfortunate incident.

In comes Sharad Malviya, the leader of the Opposition party and asks Shruti to contest the Lok Sabha elections on his party’s ticket. Rohit supports Shruti’s decision not knowing that this would change their lives forever.

My Take: The book has been written in simple English. The book is fast paced and the plot has been thought of in great detail and the flow is good. There is a lot of politics in the book. As the book is written in first person, there were instances where I could actually feel Shruti narrating the story to me. Sometimes I felt sorry for Shruti and somewhere I felt that she was selfish to think of herself only and not of her husband who eventually came round to supporting her after the incident. There have been instances where the story has been compared to Ramayana and instances where Shruti has been compared to Draupadi.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Hachette India

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