Seven Day Love Story by Nikki Logan

I was surprised to see this book by Mills and Boon India, M&B, fast fiction from Mills and Boon, a monthly magazine. It has a short story, hImageoroscope and some recipes. A good book for its price of Rs 60.00. I could lay my hands on the second issue only as the shopkeeper had sent the unsold copies back to the distributor. I shall look for the first issue.

Now coming to the story:Image

The story is Nikki Logan’s Seven Day Love Story, less than 100 pages of print and can be read on the go. It is the story of Jayne Morrrow, alias J.C.Moro, a top of the list novelist from Pennsylvania who comes to Banjo’s Ridge in Australia and lives in a house with four rescued dogs. She is living a simple life, keeps the blinds closed, does not go out and orders everything in. In comes Todd Blackwood, a biologist  (flora specialist) turned Shire Ranger, and tells her that she can keep only three dogs as per law and ends up helping her get a license for keeping other animals. He helps her and she starts opening up to him.

I liked the story, it was simple and nice. The chapters start with a day of the week and the story moves day by day. She has portrayed Jayne really well, that I could feel what Jayne was feeling.

A book worth the money spent.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Mills & Boon India

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