Written in the Stars by Meera Srikant


Written in the Stars by Meera Srikant is the story of young Neena Patil. Neena is doing her Fine Arts degree in Mumbai when her parents meet with a fathal car accident. All of twenty one, she leaves her studies, moves back to Ooty, takes over the reins of the family business and the responsibility of her school going brother, Nakul and their maid, Geetabai.

But she has a problem with financing of the business– the financiers either want the old loan back or do not want to talk to her. She does not accept the funding offered by an anonymous philanthropist through his lawyer. Her brother advises her to take help from experts.

She takes care of the florists shop. She makes friends with a new customer, Shilpa and her family, from Delhi. Shilpa buys flowers for her brother, Sahil Shah.

Sahil is recuperating from his drinking problem. She starts going for walks with him. She lacks business understanding and he helps her professionally in making the business plans.

Sahil wants to tell her something but is unable to do so. She falls in love with him but he sees her as a schemer.

Will Sahil share his secret with Neena?

A very nice and sweet story, with a simple plot and well developed characters. I liked the book a lot and it is a perfect book in between the heavy and serious books.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn Publishers

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