Unsettled by Neelima Vinod


UnsettImageled is a novella by Neelima Vinod, the book was sent to me as a review copy by Indireads. Thank you Naheed for the book. It is a story of a couple, Divya and Raghav, and a Yakshi.

The Blurb:

The hundred-room house is a rich tapestry of memories and hidden secrets, a dark, forbidding place, rumoured to be haunted by a vengeful Yakshi. Propelled by a desire to save their marriage, Divya and Raghav journey to the haunted mansion in search of the mythical Scrolls of Love.

Written five hundred years ago by the banished court poet Shankara, they are fabled to have the power to heal and reignite lost love. Is this just a legend, or are the couple heading towards a chilling destiny?

The story:

Divya Nambisan, a media professional, a Keralite is married to Raghav Pandit, an architect and a Maharashtrian for five years. She likes classical to his traditional. Anu is Raghav’s friend since childhood, through college to adulthood, they were even about to get married when he happens to meet Divya at a pub and ends up marrying her. One day, Divya sees them together and becomes suspicious of Raghav and starts prying and gets fed up.

She then meets a marriage counsellor, Dr Ray, at the behest of her friend, Emily and goes for a counselling session. He understands that she wants to put her suspicions to rest and Raghav wants the marriage to work and motivates her to bring Raghav for a session. He sends them both in search of scrolls written by Shankara Shastry, an ancient poet, in Cherakad, Divya’s ancestral village. Divya has heard the story of the big hundred-roomed house near her grandmother’s house in the village from her grandmother and also knows about the Yakshi, Thathri, and that the house is cursed.

Intertwined is the story of Thathri, the Yakshi and also the story of Shankara, the poet. Will they succeed in getting the scrolls from the Yakshi or will the Yakshi win?

 The review:

The book is beautifully written, with both poetry and prose complementing each other.  The characters are life-like and Divya is a normal human being with reasonable emotions.

The story is mostly about Shankara Shastry and the Yaksh and Divya and Raghav are characters put in to bring the main story out.

Overall, a nice, eerie read.

Book Source: Review Copy from Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Format: ebook


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