Only a Dream by Jazz Singh

ImageOnly a dream by Jazz Singh: Another Indireads Novella! Thank you, Naheed for introducing Indireads.

The Blurb

Rhea is successful, accomplished and perfectly content in the comfortable little niche she has carved out for herself. She’s moved on from the heartbreak of her past, and hasn’t looked back in years. When Varun comes waltzing into her life again, however, Rhea is unprepared for the rush of memories that upset her neat little life. Nor is she able to push back her broken dreams, and learn to trust again.

Varun wants her back, but it looks like an uphill task, at best…

The story:

Rhea Kochar works part-time at Educomp, a company that helped students with admissions to universities abroad as a means to earn some extra money while studying Mass Communications at Jamia Milia Islamia. She meets Varun Suri, when he applies for Hotel management course in Switzerland. They become friends, she starts hanging out with him and his friends, Ajay and Kirpal and they become the best buddies. Eventually, Rhea and Varun fall in love and have the blessings of both the families but one day, she comes to know that he is married. She is heart-broken but she immerses herself in her work.

Now, six years later, Rhea leads the event management team at The Timeout and Varun, the chairman and managing director of Eastmec, checks into the hotel and wants to negotiate a deal for the property. Rhea resigns and keeps the relationship professional and Varun wants her to listen to him and start off where they left.

Will Rhea fall for his charms?

The review:

The story is simple, short and sweet. The author had created very realistic characters and the relationships have been portrayed well. The feelings of the characters have been described beautifully.

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to another book by the same author.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Indireads

Format: ebook


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