Temptation in Paradise by Jyoti Singh


Temptation in Paradise by Jyoti Singh is a story set in Gurgaon, India.

The characters:

Niki Vora, 29, is an engineer heading a team of analysts at Knowledge Networks in Gurgaon. A very private person, she closes up, and the death of her parents had scarred her in more ways than one. She drives a 350cc Enfield because she feels that is the fastest way of moving through traffic.

Tanya Vora, Niki’s elder sister, married to her school sweetheart Tushar, takes care of the family business after their parents’ death. She feels responsible for Tanya and wants her to get married and suggests grooms for her whom Niki rejects.

Siddharth Shetty, Sid, is Tanya’s best buddy from graduate school. He left for the US after graduation and is now back as a Venture Capitalist.

Gauri, Sid’s girlfriend in graduate school and later, breaks off with him and marries someone else.

The story:

“I hate Techies- they are all brain and no heart” is how Niki retorts when Tanya asks Niki to meet an engineer one evening, but agrees to do it one last time. In a hurry to reach home and get dressed, she gets into the lift which instead of going to the lobby, goes up and when the lift finally comes down, the doors do not open and Niki being Niki, gets nervous and starts pressing the lift buttons, steps on the toes of another passenger on the lift falls on top of him. After the chaos, the lift opens, they part ways without introductions, she finally makes it to her home and to the appointed place just in time. And who does she meet? None other than the person she had encountered with on the lift, Sid. Then, she sees him in office with her boss and also socially.

Slowly, she falls in love with him and then Gauri walks in.

For the rest, read the book and I know you will not regret it.

The review:

A very well written book. The story is a little slow at first and then, I just could not put the book down. The characters and their feelings have been very well described.  The book is funny at times especially the scene in the lift and emotional at times. The relationship between Tanya and Niki has been very well described.

Must Read. Highly recommended.

What I did not like: There is no description of the author like all the other Indian Author Mills and Boon.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Harlequin India


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