Supertraits of Superstars: Success Secrets of Bollywood’s Brightest by Priyanka Sinha Jha

I received the book Supertraits of Superstars: Success Secrets of Bollywood’s Brightest by Priyanka Sinha Jha  as a part of the Flipkart Affiliate Programme. Thank you for the book, Vivek.

The book:

The author starts with an introduction which gives an insight into the book. She says thImageat her line of work involved writing on celebrities and it has been wonderful meeting so many exceptional people. These interactions led her to wonder about the motivation that drives some of these icons of Bollywood. So she thought of writing this inspirational book citing examples of the distinctive supertraits of filmstars. She also mentions that the quotes from the superstars are culled from interviews and articles that have appeared over a period of time in different media. She says whenever she has applied a supertrait, it has worked in her favour.

She says Amitabh Bachchan, a hero in real life, faces every adversity that crosses his path with indomitable will. She talks about his discipline, his legendary humility, his ability to multitask, his punctuality and how he prefers to be early than late and also that he even goes to great lengths factoring in every possible setback ensuring that he is well in time. He is committed, professional, pays attention to propriety, remains true to his words and is always polite and cooperative.

Shahrukh Khan came to Mumbai with a dream and made the unbelievable happen. His ‘Yes, I can’ attitude, and confidence are both winning and inspiring. At a very young age, he had learnt to be responsible for his actions. He is attentive, kind, has a drive to do the best and has a healthy respect for money. His ‘never say die’ spirit, matchless enthusiasm and ability to focus on positivity are his other supertraits.

Vidya Balan’s never give up attitude, taking up a challenge and retaining her individuality has made her the superstar that she is. She is very particular about her script and her role and likes to prepare. Her seriousness and effort to correctly analyse and process feedback gives her clarity.

Aamir Khan does not rush into things, works in one film at a time, picks up unusual subjects and does a true analysis of the project. He has an exceptional bent of mind and does pathbreaking work. He ensures that project is impeccably executed and he is involved at all the levels of the film. His conviction is that talent is 99% perspiration and involvement and lives by the idiom ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Katrina Kaif is hardworking and her dedication to the work at hand is exemplary. She is able to hold her opinions and is easy to work with. She sets her short term goals, and moves to the next set of goals when they are accomplished. She has learnt on the job by observing veterans at work. She takes out time to return favours.

John Abraham has qualities like remembering people, sportsman like attitude, and he does not lose heart over failures. He lives his life by simple values, is honest, humble, courteous and respectful. He has enterprising ways and makes informed decisions. He puts his best foot forward and plays to win.  One of his success mantras is his never-say-die spirit.

Ranbir Raj Kapoor likes to read autobiographies and biographies of great personalities from all walks of life. He works hard and remains focused. He does not take his lineage for granted, is committed, eager to give complete attention to the work at hand and has an accurate assessment of his own performance.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has the ability to focus on the good and move on to the next challenge. Her actions reflect a positive and forward looking attitude. She has never strayed from convention but has lived by her own rules. Her motto is ‘Give your best to what you do and don’t give in to pressure’.

Hrithik Roshan’s way of overcoming a hindrance is to work really hard at it. He has maintained that overcoming one’s weakness gives great strength. He has the ability to let ridicule slide off his back. He approach to challenges in life is philosophical and he treats each fall as a foothold to climb higher.  He is an adventurer by nature and an explorer in his heart.

Karan Johar is a people’s person, a canny, people-oriented motivator. He makes it a point to attend all personal events and has a great understanding of the different expectations and requirements that people may have. He really knows how to treat his stars. He can be friends with different groups of people even if they are not amicably disposed towards each other. He is diplomatic and takes a stand whenever the need arises. He has the ability to forgive and is very forthright.

Salman Khan has always displayed sensitivity to the underprivileged, lending a helping had to those I need. He chose films to help people and friends. He is equally generous and supportive of newcomers as old timers. He has a businesslike approach to charity has made it feasible. He has a generous heart and everybody wants him for a friend.

 My take:

Reading the book, I felt that if I could imbibe some of these traits, life would be better and simpler.  Though I have enlisted most of the supertraits mentioned in the book, I have not elaborated the examples that the author has beautifully used to illustrate these traits. She has used quotations at the beginning of the trait being described and the box at the end of each article summarizes some of the important traits.

The book has references at the back making it all the more genuine. The cover is very happy with shades of yellow.

Overall, a very inspirational read. Read it one superstar at a time and try to imbibe atleast one quality of each of them. I have started doing it. A book that can be read part by part and again and again.

Highly Recommended.

Book Source: Review copy as a part of the Flipkart Affilaite Programme

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Pages: 181

Format: Paperback


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