Advantage Love by Madhuri Banerjee


I received Advantage Love by Madhuri Banerjee as a part of the Flipkart Affiliate Programme. Thank you, Vivek for the book. The blurb mentions that it is love triangle.

 The blurb:

Will Today’s woman give up her career for love?

Will she learn to trust a man again after having her heart broken?

Is she willing to take chances to find the love of her life?

When Trisha Mathur leaves Lucknow for Delhi with stars in her eyes, little does she realize how drastically her life is about to transform.

In the din and drama of college student politics, she meets debonair politician-in-the-making Vedant Kirloskar, who sweeps her off her feet with his poetry and rakish charm. When irreconcilable differences drive them apart, a broken-hearted Trisha becomes wary of love and men. That is until the dashing tennis star, Abhimanyu, comes along and fills her life with love and laughter. All at once she finds herself in the midst of the glamorous tennis circuit which is in stark contrast to her small-town moorings.

Even as Trisha embarks on a path of love and self-discovery, fate brings Vedant back into her life, asking that they rekindle their old romance. Will Trisha dare take a second chance with Vedant or move on to play match point with Abhimanyu?

Advantage Love is a compelling and passionate contemporary Indian romance that explores the complexities of love, friendship and career in a woman’s life.

The characters:

Trisha Mathur, the only child of academician parents of Lucknow, joins the Sociology at JNU in 2011. She craves stability, family, love and togetherness. She wants to become independent, find her own destiny in Delhi and join the development sector someday.

Vedant Dheeraj Kirloskar, son of noted Maharashtra politician, Aamod Kirloskar, a politician in the making, joins Political Studies at JNU in the same year.

Abhimanyu Laxman, one of the country’s top tennis players, lives in Delhi with his family. Leander Paes is his close friend. He is honest, stable, secure, a dutiful son,

The story:

It is during the JNU debate that Trisha comes face to face with Vedant, the best orator in JNU, and she faints and lands up in the infirmary and Vedant waits on her. Gradually, they become friends, share a lot in common from poetry to literature and music to food and soon become an item. Over two years, she falls in love with him and he impresses her with quotes from various poets. He wants her to move to Mumbai after graduation and live in his shadow but does not mention anything about marriage and then he goes back home to his political career leaving Trisha.

After graduation, she joins UNICEF and moves in with Juhi, her friend from JNU and the only person who knows Trisha’s love story. Vedant gets engaged. Talking it over with Juhi, finally, Trisha releases him from her heart.

One day, she misses the last metro from Noida and runs into Abhimanyu, who drops her all the way to Gurgaon. They meet again, courtesy Juhi, she feels a cosmic connection with him, he gives her a sense of security, introduces her as his girlfriend, and she starts falling in love with him.

And, there is a headline in the newspaper that Vedant’s engagement is broken. And she and Abhimanyu breakup and Vedant asks her to come back to him. Trisha is confused.

Read the rest in the book.

The review:

The story is short and sweet. The characters are well developed. Vedant is the spoilt, rich brat who knows how and when to get the things done to suit his needs, by lying, by quoting authors. Trisha is a simple career minded girl from a small town, albeit a little confused. Abhimanyu is chivalrous, considerate. Perfect. Juhi is well grounded, she is Trisha’s confidante and keeps her in check.Trisha’s mother is understanding, I liked her a lot.

The cover is happy and attractive, making it a pick it off the bookshelf book. The author has described the feelings of the characters. The love triangle makes the book more spicy and interesting.

Overall, a nice book. Pick it up for a light read whenever you want to relax and want to read something light.

Book Source: Review copy as a part of the Flipkart Affiliate Programme

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Ebook is also available at Flipkart.


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