In love with a sleeping beauty by Dr Deepali Nandwani

ImageIn love with a sleeping beauty by Dr Deepali Nandwani is the story of Ishiqa and Ved.

Left in the care of her brother and sister-in-law, after her parents death, Ishiqa Chawla enrolls in acting classes with her friend Smriti, after completing college. She lives close to their house and conducts tuition and teaches dance to children. Ved Kashyap, the owner of the Kashyap Group of Hotels is a workaholic but has the reputation of being a Casanova. He is looking for a companion for his grandmother.

Ishiqa is looking for a job and gets late for her interview at the Kashyap hotel where she goes with her friends.  Exploring the property, she accidentally reaches Ved’s room and Ved finds her sleeping peacefully on his bed. He blackmails her into being his fiancée for his grandmother’s sake.

The book is a quick read and has been written in a simple language. The flow is good and characters well developed. Definitely recommended as it brings a smile to your face just reading it.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn


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