A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land by Shweta Ganesh Kumar

A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land by Shweta Ganesh Kumar is the story of our Alice, newly married Mythili and her adventures in Manila, her wonderland. I received the book as a review copy from Indireads.  Thank You Naheed for the book.

The blurb:a-newlyweds-adventures


Mythili has just moved to the Philippines to be with the love of her life and new husband, Siddharth. From being a hard-as-nails reporter who covered crime stories of the goriest kind, Mythili is now just a ‘dependent’. On top of that, unemployment, encounters with expat-wives and culture shock leave her feeling like she has fallen down a rabbit hole.st moved to the Philippines to be w

Mythili and Siddharth slowly come to realize that being newlywed in a foreign country is very different from being passionately in love, long-distance. Will this

real life Alice find her way out of her own little Wonderland, or will the Red Queen take her head?

The review:

Mythili, a successful crime reporter, works for a newspaper in Bangalore. She meets Siddharth, they date each other, maintain a long-distance relationship and get married. One week after her wedding, she takes a nineteen hour long flight to the Philippines with her new husband, where he works in a call centre. She is shocked to hear the immigration officer mention her as a dependent.

Siddharth’s Indian circle of friends. “Desi gang”,  invites them over. She has nothing in common with the wives and gives them nicknames based on stereotypical context like Mother Hen, Fakeena, Maami, Enthucutlet, bones and Budhha girl. They are self assured and mature and she feels like a ten year old playing house-house.

Siddharth has night shifts and she starts to maintain his time, watches television at night and surfs the net for jobs which are non-existent. She has no work, feels guilty of enjoying her free time, gets lost in the maze of unemployment and announces on Facebook that she is on a sabbatical. She gets a chance and her interviewer cannot recall the interview because he suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. She starts blogging regularly and an editor wants to make her blog a weekly column, ‘Random Rants of a Bored Housewife’.

I loved the way the book starts with a prologue, the wedding of Kirti, Mythili’s sister and now, worldly wise Mythili advising her, “Kirti, it’s the start of a journey and…”. After the wedding is over, Mythili comes to her room, picks up her favourite book, Alice in Wonderland, and goes back three years, when she was a newlywed. The author has related the aspects of Mythili’s life to parts in Alice in Wonderland. I actually read Alice after this. The author has started the chapters with lines from the book. The chapters have names like ‘Paint the roses red’.

The book is hilarious at times and sad at times especially when Mythili is upset and Siddharth empathises with her but does not want her to know that he is upset because he is her pillar of strength.

I am eagerly waiting for a sequel to this book.

Book Source: Review copy from Indireads

Publisher: Indireads

Format: Ebook


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