Yours accidentally by Madhur Nevatia

YImageours accidentally is an ebook by Madhur Nevatia published by none other that Indireads. It is the story of Gautam and Sameera.

The blurb:

On a wet, monsoon-ravaged Mumbai night, Gautam—a young and handsome investment banker—meets with an accident. Fate brings Sameera—gorgeous, rich, independent and fashionable—into his life. The attraction is electrifying, but is eclipsed by a previous meeting that didn’t go so well. Their journey starts in an unromantic doctor’s room and ends in Goa, with its pristine beaches and moonlit nights.

While he struggles to comprehend the strength of his emotions for Sameera, she struggles to tame the demons of her past. What could have happened to scar her so deeply?

Is Gautam’s love strong enough to win over Sameera’s past?

The characters:

Gautam, the only child of his parents, belongs to a business family of Delhi and is an investment banker in Mumbai, which he joined after his IIT and IIM qualifications. He is a winner, came first in class, teacher’s favourite, artful debater, fastest bowler and the captain of the school cricket team. Sanjay is his best buddy.

Sameera Mathur, only child of her parents, is a physiotherapist in Mumbai. Tanya is her best friend and confidante since childhood.

The story:

Gautam comes to Delhi to attend Sanjay’s engagement to Tanya and happens to see Sameera at trying to adjust herself and her luggage in a taxi at the Delhi airport- he names her, Miss Congeniality. They meet each other at the venue and rub each other the wrong way: he calls her Ice Maiden, snooty Sameera and she calls him boorish and ill-mannered. She irritates him.

Engagement over, they head back to their respective places. As fate would have it, Gautam meets with an accident, breaks his bones and sprains and the physiotherapist he is referred to none other than Sameera. He wants to know her better but she wants to maintain a distance because of her past.

The review:

It is a very well written book: a simple story with a simple plot. The characters are lifelike and while I was reading the story, it felt more of a narration that reading, as if someone was telling me their story. The author has described the feelings of both the characters. The language is simple and easy to follow.

Highly recommended.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Indireads

Book Type: ebook

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