To kiss a sunbeam by Vinita Nayar


To Kiss a Sunbeam by Vinita Nayar is a story set in Chennai.

Anjali Menon, Angie, works as a copywriter at an advertising agency. Sailesh, Sharmila and Ravi form a part of her gang. Sharmila, Sam is her best friend. She meets Milind Rao, a photographer, through Sailesh, and they work together on a shoot. She and Milind share common love for books, animals and films. He tells her that he can shoot a portfolio for her. She cannot understand Milind’s behavior- sometimes he is friendly and sometimes aloof. And one fine day, he decides to shift base to Mumbai.

Two years later: Anjali, now works part-time in a creative hot-shop. She runs into Milin at a party. They are again linked professionally when Anjali’s firm appoints Milind as a photographer for a project.

I liked the book. The book starts with a prologue and has been divided into two parts, one as a flashback and the second part is the present. The language is simple and the flow is good. The characters can be easily related to as there are not many of them in the book.
Overall, a simple, short and not much complicated book for a light read.

Book Source: Bought

Publisher: Pageturn


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