Love Across Borders by Indireads

ImageLove Across Borders: stories of love, connection and friendship that transcends the physical divide is a collection of twelve short stories by Indian and Pakistani writers– an initiative by Indireads. The book has been edited by Naheed Hassan and Sabahat Muhammad. The introduction of the book summarises the motivation behind the book.

That 70s Babe by Mamun M Adil is the story of an Indian girl and a Pakistani boy (who is one of her many admirers). As I was reading the story, I felt that I knew who the lady was and suddenly the name popped up, leaving me gaping. Serendipity by Yamini Vasudevan is about how a novelist looking for a good story meets a lady at Starbucks and she tells him an amazing story with a little secret hidden somewhere. One Stupid Comment by Shuch Kalra and Sabahat Muhammad is about a treaty to unite two tribes together. Anjum by Andy Paula is about how a young Pakistani bride teaches a young Indian bride. Dressed to kill by Parul Tyagi is about Sejal and Saleema, two brides-to-be bonding over their wedding lehengas at Chandni Chowk. Best Friends forever by Naheed Hassan and Shweta Ganesh Kumar, Lost and Found by Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere and The Long Interval by Zaffar Junejo are about old friends uniting on Facebook. Twelve months by Pervin Saket is about a Pakistani daughter-in-law who visits the home of her late husband in India every year. An Unlikely Romeo by MM George is the story of the struggle of a young Pakistani lady in UK. The Old Willow by Adriana Ray is about two boys, an Indian and a Pakistani, who meet in a pub in US. Remnants of a Rainy Day by Mamun M Adil is the story of an umbrella hanging by the entrance of the apartment of a Pakistani man which reminds him of a rainy evening around a decade ago.

The cover has been beautifully designed by Sabahat Muhammad depicting the colours of the flags of both the countries. Each story is unique and is followed by a brief description of the author.

I liked the book very much and the book actually made me realize that apart from the political line dividing the two countries, we are similar to each other.

A must read. Highly recommended.

The book is available free on the Indireads website, in all the formats, and is easily downloadable. So all you need to do is create an account and download the book.

Book Source: Free ebook available on the Indireads website

Publisher: Indireads

Book Type: Ebook

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